#PHOTOS: Stars launch New Style of Showing Skin for Optical Nutrition!


We love to feed our eyes with good things and views, its called Optical Nutrition!

In feminine fashion, nothing makes a statement quite like wearing pieces that extenuate your figure in addition to highlighting your assets with a touch of showing skin tagged to it all!

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Lynda Ddane representing in the Back Show skin Category

In the recent past, some of our female stars have done exactly that and made a statement. Their styles set tongues wagging on social media where they posted their content with a section of netizens saying they are nude whereas another kept appreciating because their eyes were fed!

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Lydia Jazmine took it personal by displaying her Bum Bum skin

One of these stars that we contacted to comment about the narrative of having come off as indecent in her appearance had this to say,

“Such shots and outfits which are termed as indecent by the society rather make some of us feel comfortable and smart in them, who doesn’t want to see skin?”.


The element of indecent or semi nude dressing has been common amongst celebrities mostly artistes who claim that style or dress code creates admiration from their fans!

20220624 181437
Spice Diana sipping some Lico Cocktail while she serves some Optical Nutrition

As we crossover into the weekend, we bring you pictures of these stars for simply one thing Optical Nutrition. Even the Bible says man shall not only feed on bread alone……., therefore it doesn’t hurt if you feed on these! Have a nice Meal !!!!!

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Sheila Parker serving skin all the way
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20220624 175658
20220624 175447
20220624 175508
20220624 175314
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