John Ssegawa Criticizes Douglas Lwanga Says He Lacks Knowledge About Ugandan Film Industry.


Celebrated Ugandan actor, John Ssegawa, did not mince words as he aimed media personality Douglas Lwanga for what he perceived as undermining the Uganda Movie Industry during a recent TV show.

Expressing his disappointment, Ssegawa questioned Lwanga’s remarks about the viewership of Ugandan movies, particularly on a national TV station like NBS TV. Ssegawa, who wears multiple hats as a director, stage manager, and actor at Afri-Talent Drama Group, criticized Lwanga’s extensive experience in presenting entertainment shows. He highlighted Lwanga’s role in promoting Ugandan music videos, emphasizing that music videos are also a form of movies as they are directed similarly.

In response to Lwanga’s inquiry on Ugandans watching locally produced movies, Ssegawa underscored the industry’s investment in training local actors and actresses. He cautioned Lwanga and others against undermining and disrespecting the hard work dedicated to the success of the Uganda Movie Industry.

Ssegawa urged fellow TV presenters to refrain from such habits, concluding with an invitation for Douglas Lwanga to respond to his critique. The public eagerly awaits Lwanga’s response, and updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.

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