#OPINION: VJ Junior defends Sheebah against Andrew Mwenda’s Rants!


Following Andrew Mwenda’s Friday morning rant against Sheebah where she termed her sexual harassment allegations as a stunt, celebrated Video Jockey VJ Junior has come out to defend the songstress in an open letter . Check it out below

With all due respect Mr Andrew, not everyone who is sexually assaulted tells someone of the offender– be it a friend, family member, or the police. And oftentimes, if they do disclose their experience, it may be days, weeks, months, or even years later but Sheebah was bold enough to come out immediately and tell us of that ghastly and horrid experience. That takes more than a super woman to do it!

There are various reasons why someone does not disclose that they have been sexually assaulted more so who the offender was. It is helpful for a person like you Andrew(a seasoned jounalist we all respect) to know these reasons so if Sheebah confides in the public via her social media, you can respond to her with understanding, rather than frustration for not telling the victim by which she never mentioned your name for starters.

Even though sexual assault is NEVER the fault of the victim, often those who experience it feel as if something is wrong with them for having experienced it. If you are ashamed of something, you are less likely to share it with others but Sheebah boldly did it so if she for now is keeping the name of the victim to herself, their might be other many reasons based known to herself which include;

Fear: Fear of not being believed, fear of retribution, fear of how the security(which she said protected the offender) will react to her and treat her, fear of how Uganda police will respond (as we know it), fear of being ostracized and lose our on many job opportunities and fear of being judged as many did without cobsidering the above factors. These are just some of the types of fear that Sheebah may feel when thinking about telling us of who the offender was.

Uncertainty: People who experience sexual assault may not know they have rights. As a result, they are less likely to know what they would be required or not required to do if they disclose the offenders. They may not know



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