#MCM: B2C – Singing Trio Pumped up about their 2nd Concert!


The sense of camaraderie that comes with singing as a group is truly special. For the B2C singing Trio, they have done exactly this for close to a decade. Their’s isn’t a story of meeting at the Top, its rather one of Walking together to the Top.

Born Richard Mugisha, Julius Kassaga and Peterson Ssali, the Trio chose to trade as Mr Lee, Delivad Julio and Bobby Lash respectively in the Music industry. They further chose to collectively become the B2C to mean BORN TO CONQUER and true to that, they have managed to conquer musically as they have over the years claimed their rightful position in the Ugandan music industry!

20220815 160935
L – R, Bobby Lash, Delivad Julio & Mr Lee – Together as the B2C SOLDIERS

For many music groups that oftenly arise, the big question which asked is, for how long will they stay before they Break up? For the B2C’s, this must have long been answered because they have beaten all odds to stick together and by the look of things, the bond is still going strong with more Great music.

With quite a good number of hit songs off their music catalogue, the Kampala Boy, like they also refer to themselves have once again staged a concert for their fans this Friday at Freedom City. This is their second concert but the first of a kind in four years, one to give thanks to their fans for the overwhelming love and support they have been showered with since their debut into the music industry in 2013.

VIDEO: B2C soldiers performing at their First concert in 2018

The trio that last staged a concert on Friday 7th September 2018 at Freedom City promised another even better and more memorable concert at the same venue. They believe that since their maiden concert in 2018, they have alot in stock that they have cooked in these four years that their fans need to come and get a taste of.

“We have been missing our fans & that’s the idea for this whole concert. Yes, we may have spent 2 years in lockdown but we were preparing for this moment.” Bobby Lash, a one third of the trio said.

20220815 160956

Entrance to the show at Freedom City will be at 10K, 30K and 1M for Ordinary, VIP and Table respectively. The concert will further move to other areas of the country from Saturday 20th till 28th August 2022.



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