NEW MOVES! Sheebah Karungi Launches Karma Music Label


On the scorching day of August 16, Queen Sheebah Karungi stepped back into the limelight and ushered in a new era in her career. With grace and charisma, she unveiled her very own record label, Karma Music, at the elegant Terrace Bar and Restaurant on Kampala’s posh Acacia Avenue.

‘However, Karma Music is not just another record label—it’s a heartfelt endeavor that aims to reshape the Ugandan music landscape’ Sheebah Added

With an unwavering commitment to fostering fresh and untamed talent, Sheebah’s vision is to propel emerging artists from Uganda onto the global stage.

She again introduced a captivating talent search, with a panel of judges that includes renowned figures such as Fik Fameica, Artin Pro, Naava Grey, and Chosen Becky. These judges will not only evaluate the contestants, but also play the role of mentors, writers, and producers, guiding the participants through the various phases of the music industry.


Contestants will be tasked with creating two distinct songs—an original composition and a collaborative piece—under the guidance of their assigned mentors.

The culmination of this talent search will be a grand finale concert, where the ultimate victor will earn a coveted spot under the Karma Music label’s banner.



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