20 YEARS OF NAVIO: A celebration of the Rapper’s Musical Prowess set for September


It’s a milestone that few artists achieve, but for Ugandan rapper Navio, real name Daniel Kigozi Lubwama – two decades in the music industry is a feat worth celebrating.

On the evening of 2nd, September 2023, music enthusiasts, fans, and industry insiders will gather at the iconic Kampala Sheraton Hotel to honor and witness Navio’s extraordinary journey through a thrilling live concert that promises to be a night to remember.

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Navio, a trailblazing rapper known for his exceptional lyricism and dynamic stage presence, burst onto the Ugandan music scene as part of Klear-Kut group in the early 2000s, quickly capturing the hearts of fans with his unique sound and charismatic persona. Over the years, he has continued to push the boundaries of African hip-hop, becoming a pioneering figure in the genre and an inspiration to countless emerging artists.

The celebratory concert, aptly titled “20 Years of Navio,” will showcase the rapper’s evolution and impact on the industry, as per the organizers, Talent Africa Group.

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“Attendees can expect an unforgettable evening filled with electrifying performances of Navio’s greatest hits, from his debut tracks to the chart-topping anthems that have solidified his place in the pantheon of African music.” Said Aly Allibhai, the Talent Africa Group’s Boss during a press conference adding that “Talent Africa will ensure a great production and we’ll fill this place up like we did a few weeks ago. Navio will bring his A-game and we’re excited to work with him to bring his visions to life come 2nd September.”


Navio’s journey has been one of innovation and reinvention, and the concert will reflect this with a dynamic fusion of musical styles, collaborations, and surprise guest appearances. The rapper’s ability to seamlessly blend traditional African rhythms with contemporary hip-hop beats has been a hallmark of his career, and this concert promises to be a showcase of his versatility as an artist.

“I am truly humbled and excited to celebrate 20 years in this incredible industry,” Navio told the media.

“This concert is a way for me to give back to the fans who have supported me throughout my journey. It’s going to be a night of nostalgia, energy, and, most importantly, a celebration of the power of music,” he added. As anticipation for the concert builds, industry insiders, friends and fans are applauding Navio’s longevity and influence.

“Navio has not only shaped the Ugandan music scene but has also made a significant impact on the African hip-hop landscape. His ability to evolve with the times while staying true to his roots is a testament to his artistry” noted veteran TV Host JK Kazoora, who hosted and gave Navio platform on his then TV show Jam Agenda 20 years back.

“20 Years of Navio,” is not just a concert, it’s a testament to an artist’s dedication and passion for his craft. The event is expected to draw music enthusiasts from across the region, uniting them in celebrating Navio’s contributions to the industry and his enduring legacy. A consortium of renowned sponsors had come together, each weaving their own story into the tapestry of Navio’s remarkable achievement.

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Hennessy, a globally acclaimed cognac brand, had once graced the iconic 50-year festivities of Hip-Hop, and now, with equal enthusiasm, extended its partnership to commemorate Navio’s two decades of musical prowess. David Kakonge, the charismatic Hennessy Country Representative, expressed this sentiment, drawing parallels between the two celebrations, rooted in the spirit of exuberance and accomplishment.

Emerging onto the scene with disruptive fervor, NRG Radio sought its own reflection in Navio’s journey. Sean Prizzy, the spirited presenter of 106.5 NRG, acknowledged Navio as a living embodiment of the station’s values. Eager to be part of the historic 20-year jubilation, NRG Radio’s fervor was palpable, promising to contribute its energy to the magic set to unfurl on the 2nd of September.

Stanbic Bank’s commitment to nurturing growth and celebrating local accomplishments was manifest through its partnership with Navio. Jackie Abwol, the Brand & Communications Manager, underlined this commitment, linking Navio’s journey to Stanbic’s values. Through their innovative FlexiPay service, Stanbic ensured fans could seamlessly purchase tickets by simply dialing *291#, a step towards making Navio’s concert accessible to all.

Sheraton Hotel, having recently marked its own golden jubilee, recognized the dedication required to craft two decades of excellence. Charity Nalwoga, the PR and Marketing Manager, spoke of Sheraton’s pride in aligning with Navio for his celebratory event. Exclusive accommodations and culinary delights were prepared, aimed at enhancing the concert experience, intertwining luxury and music in a harmonious blend.

Pepsi Max, fueled by the spirit of creativity and the unifying power of music, naturally gravitated towards Navio’s legacy. Ernest Ssentongo, the Pepsi Max Brand Manager, praised Navio’s 20-year journey as a rhythm that resonated with millions. The partnership was an endeavor to amplify the beats and refresh the moments, ensuring that the ’20 Years of Navio’ concert would etch unforgettable memories.

The symphony of collaborations extended to the media realm as well. Danze Edwin, Next Media’s Chief Marketing Officer, spoke of the commitment to nurturing creative alliances. ‘Navio X Project,’ the show that Navio curated and aired every Thursday on NBS TV, was a testament to this commitment. Through this show, the connection between Navio’s artistry and the audience was fortified, bringing unique and captivating content to the viewers.



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