NDOOZAKO: Martha Mukisa Out With Spanking New Afro Pop Single


After the resounding success of her maiden concert, the renowned and celebrated female singer, Martha Mukisa, gifts her fans yet another heartwarming Afro Pop masterpiece titled “Ndoozako” – This affectionate and enchanting love song promises to jazz up your weekends whenever its infectious beats grace the airwaves.

From the very first notes of the song, Martha captivates listeners with her soulful and emotive vocals, drawing them into a world of how it feels to love. It further opens with an almost whispered confession, “I love you more than anything else” setting the tone for a heartfelt declaration of unwavering affection and commitment.

Its production is a collaborative effort that brings together the talent of Andre On The Beat and the visionary direction of Elly V Mugisa for the music video. Andre’s skills on production seamlessly complement Martha’s enchanting vocals, creating an immersive experience that perfectly captures the essence of Afro Pop.

At its core, its a jubilant celebration of love. The lyrics are a testament to the depth of emotions one can experience when they miss their soulmate. With its catchy and upbeat melody, the song effortlessly inspires happiness and a desire to dance. As the rhythm takes over, listeners will find themselves swaying to the infectious beats, making it an ideal track to liven up any gathering or to enjoy on a fun-filled weekend.

As the music video unfolds, it complements the song’s narrative, further enhancing the message of love and commitment. Elly V Mugisa’s direction creates a visually stunning experience that beautifully captures the essence of the song. Through a combination of artful cinematography and choreography, the video becomes a moving portrayal of love’s magical allure.



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