Gravity Omutujju Loses Cool, Throws Microphone at His DJ


The “Takula Obwongo” event, hosted by 90.6 Busoga One FM in Jinja, turned into a heated affair when Gravity Omutujju, lost his temper and allegedly struck his DJ with a microphone.

Initially, the show seemed to be running smoothly until a sudden turn of events caught everyone off guard. A video capturing the incident surfaced, showing Gravity visibly angry and seemingly upset with his DJ’s handling of the music. In a burst of frustration, he hurled the microphone at the DJ, accompanied by strong language in the heat of the moment.

Onlookers at the event swiftly came to the defense, suggesting that technical difficulties with the equipment might have played a role in the mishap.

However, some internet users have expressed skepticism, raising suspicions that the whole incident could be a calculated publicity stunt orchestrated by Gravity Omutujju to generate attention for his upcoming “Okwepicha Concert.”

As discussions surrounding the incident continue, fans and critics alike await further clarification from Gravity Omutujju and his team to shed light on the true nature of the episode that took place at the “Takula Obwongo” event.



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