NBS Television Anchor Hatma Nalugwa Ssekaya Opens Up About The Loss of Her Daughter.


NBS television news anchor Hatma Nalugwa Ssekaya is currently grappling with the profound grief of losing her daughter last year. In a recent television interview, she bravely shared her experience, disclosing that despite the devastating loss, she chose to persevere without taking a break from her work.

Reflecting on the tragic events of September last year, Hatma recounted the agonizing journey of her daughter’s illness, which began in June and tragically culminated in her passing. Despite exhausting all available resources and efforts, Hatma and her family were unable to save their beloved daughter’s life.

She recounted how her daughter’s health deteriorated rapidly after complaining of headaches, only to be diagnosed with brain cancer shortly afterward. As a mother of four other children, navigating the loss of her fifth child proved to be an indescribably challenging ordeal, one that she admits she is still struggling to comprehend.

Despite the immense pain and sorrow, Hatma revealed that she remained steadfast in her professional duties, continuing to work as if nothing had happened. The strength and resilience she displayed during such a harrowing period underscore the depth of her love for her family and her commitment to her career.



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