Navio Advises Gravity Omutujju to Independently Spearhead Hospital Project Amidst Clash with Bobi Wine.


In a February social media uproar, Gravity Omutujju stirred controversy by urging Bobi Wine to allocate a portion of his Busabaala land for a hospital construction project. The rapper insisted that the NUP President should use personal funds for the initiative.

Navio, however, offers a different perspective, advising Gravity to take the initiative himself if he is genuinely committed to the cause. According to Navio, Gravity’s confrontational approach and public demands may be more about seeking attention than addressing the healthcare issue.

“If you have the means, act quietly. Why engage in confrontations demanding others to give up their personal property? That’s merely seeking attention. It’s a pattern with him; he’s always seeking attention,” commented Navio during an interview with Spark Television.



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