Dancehall Artist Opa Fambo Faces Renewed Scandal as He Gets Arrested Over Alleged Affair with Accuser’s Wife.


In December, dancehall sensation Hafuzalu Lule, popularly known as Opa Fambo, created a stir in the media when he was reportedly apprehended and physically confronted for being involved with someone’s wife.

A viral video circulated on social media, capturing the artist surrounded by individuals while lying shirtless on the floor, draped in a brown towel and a pair of boxers, enduring a barrage of slaps while attempting to avoid being recorded.

The incident seemingly faded from public attention, leaving the resolution of the matter undisclosed as Opa Fambo refrained from granting interviews to address the accusations.

However, two months later, the former Capital Music Icon singer found himself back in the news, facing an even more embarrassing episode related to the same allegations.

In a trending video clip, Opa Fambo is seen being arrested by uniformed and plain-clothed policemen, dragged to a waiting Police Patrol, and subsequently transported to the police station for detention.


The accuser emphasizes that it has been two months since he initially caught Opa Fambo with his wife, and during this period, his spouse has been mysteriously absent. Expressing his frustration, the accuser discloses relentless efforts to locate Opa Fambo and asserts his intention to pursue legal action to ensure the singer faces consequences for his actions.

Watch the video below depicting Opa Fambo’s arrest and his subsequent transfer to a waiting Police Patrol, as we await further details on the unfolding developments surrounding the allegations.



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