Mdundo Uganda Mixer: Uniting Artists for Music Business Growth.


On February 15th, the vibrant beats of Uganda’s music scene resonated through the halls of Kush Lounge in Kololo as the Mdundo Uganda Mixer unfolded. Hosted by Uganda’s Mdundo A&R Serah Adong in collaboration with Swangz Avenue, Kelele Digital, and Omziki Distribution, the event emerged as a pivotal platform for artists and industry stakeholders to converge, deliberate, and strategize on the ever-growing music business economy.

The gathering wasn’t just another party; it was a purposeful get-together aimed at dissecting the opportunities, challenges, and solutions across Uganda’s music industry. At the heart of the discourse was Mdundo, a Pan African Digital Service Provider (DSP) that has been progressively expanding its footprint across the continent. With its sights set on Uganda, Mdundo is not merely extending its reach; it’s revolutionizing accessibility for Ugandan artists to amplify their presence on the digital stage.

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Serah Adong the A&R at Mdundo Uganda

Serah Adong, the organizer of the event, emphasized the significance of creating synergies between Mdundo and the local music scene. She articulated how this collaboration isn’t just about disseminating music; it’s about empowering artists with the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to navigate the intricacies of the music business successfully.

Swangz Avenue, a powerhouse in Uganda’s music industry, lent its expertise to the mixer, underscoring the importance of strategic partnerships in driving growth and innovation. Kelele Digital and Omziki Distribution added further depth to the dialogue by shedding light on the evolving digital distribution landscape and the opportunities it presents for artists to monetize their craft effectively.

As the discussions unfolded, several key themes emerged, highlighting the evolving dynamics of Uganda’s music industry:


Digital Distribution: With the advent of streaming platforms and digital distribution channels, artists are no longer confined to traditional avenues for sharing their music. Mdundo’s presence in Uganda signifies a shift towards democratizing access to these platforms, allowing artists to reach a broader audience while retaining greater control over their content.

Monetization Strategies: Monetizing music in the digital age requires a multifaceted approach. From streaming royalties to merchandise sales and live performances, artists need to diversify their revenue streams to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. The mixer served as a forum for exploring innovative monetization strategies tailored to the unique needs of Ugandan artists.

Collaborative Opportunities: Collaboration lies at the heart of artistic growth and innovation. The mixer provided a conducive environment for artists to forge new connections, explore potential collaborations, and leverage each other’s strengths to create compelling music that resonates with audiences both locally and globally.

Education and Capacity Building: Navigating the intricacies of the music business demands a comprehensive understanding of copyright laws, publishing rights, and marketing strategies. The mixer underscored the importance of ongoing education and capacity-building initiatives to empower artists with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

As the Mdundo Uganda Mixer drew to a close, it left behind a palpable sense of optimism and excitement for the future of Uganda’s music industry. With Mdundo at the helm, backed by strategic partnerships and a shared commitment to fostering growth and innovation, the stage is set for Ugandan artists to chart new horizons and make their mark on the global music scene.



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