Gravity Omutujju’s Song Removed From YouTube Over Copyright Dispute With Bobi Wine.


Local rapper Gereson Wabuyu, popularly known as Gravity Omutujju, faces a setback as his latest release, ‘Doboozi Lya Mutuuze,’ is removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement. The song, created to draw attention to his plea for support from National Unity Platform leader Bobi Wine in constructing a hospital in Busabala, allegedly incorporated content from Bobi Wine’s song ‘Kiwaani.’

Despite Gravity’s intention to advocate for a cause, a screenshot shared by the Trouble Tabu Entertainment rapper reveals YouTube’s decision to take down the video at the request of Bobi Wine, the original song’s owner.

Expressing his confusion on social media, Gravity questions why Bobi Wine would request the removal of his song when he has previously recreated songs from other artists without similar repercussions.


As the online dispute unfolds, netizens join the conversation, sharing their opinions and reactions to the copyright controversy. Follow the ongoing reactions below.



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