#MCM: BRENNAN BABY – 16 Year Old reaping big off Tik-Tok!


Just days ago, Tik-Tok surpassed Google as the world’s most popular site in 2021, this undoubtedly explains the power this app has brought into play allover the world. Down here in Uganda, the video sharing app has created a new wave of content creators ranging from all odds of life, ages and styles.

In our #MCM series today, we rounded up fast growing Tik-Toker Brennan Baby who has made a name for comically imitating high school teenage girls and teachers in the skits shared on his Tik-Tok channel. 

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At the age of 16, Brennan has gone far and wide with his acting skills. Several brands like Safe Boda have hired him for influencing roles and above it all, he has also won himself an award from Buzz Teeniez Awards.

We rounded Brennan off for a Q & A, sit back and enjoy the feedback of this conversation !

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Brennan posses with his Award from BUZZ

Who is Brennan Baby and how best do you describe yourself ?


Well my name is Brennan Ekoyu. Iam a social , God fearing and very liberal person. Iam 16-years-old from a family of only 4 boys, a Kumam by tribe and a Student at St Josephs SS Naggalama.

What inspired the name Brennan baby ?

Brennan is my name while baby is a name I actually put it in because am the last born from my family.

At what point did the tik tok bug bite you ?

It was during this years lockdown. Tik Tok was the trending app by the time so I definitely felt that I had to join and here we are!

Why did you choose that girl / female character ?

I chose  the girl character because of how dramatic they are. Its everyday school life for me.

Which of your skits is your favorite ?

That particular skit where the English teacher is pregnant. It’s my favorite because I made it more realistic than any of my other videos.

There are particular names of students you always call out in your videos, who are these people ?

Haha. These people like Muzzagganda are actually my friends. Some are my best friends from Primary school and i couldn’t forget them.

Do your parents Watch your content and what is their feedback?

Yes they do. They just tell me to embrace my creativity because it will take me far.

Whats the best thing you pride in from your Tik Tok career ?

The rapid following I have gotten. Its everything for me. It has brought me fame but I handle it by just being humble and very social to people.

Away from yourself, who are your best Tik Tokers on the app ?

Well I think I can’t mention all of them. I don’t know some of their names I just scroll and see their videos but I can say Mickeyseemstoofuunny and Aamito Esther. They are soo creative.

How is it going to be when you go back to school ? Won’t your Tik Tok channel perish ? What plans do you have for it ?

Well, I will keep what I will do to it to myself but people will still be able to see more videos even when iam back to school. Just watch the space.

Who are some of the big / famous or influential people that have personally reached out to you to appreciate your content ?

Well they are many but off finger tips I know Sheebah, Rema, Azziad Nasenya and Barbie kyagulanyi among many others .

Should your fans consider seeing you on stage doing stand up comedy soon?

Yes why not. I would give it a shot although I love acting more.

What message would you give to your fellow teenager ?

My message is simple. Let social media not deceive you that’s it all you have to earn from. Study hard you need that professional Job! Follow me on all my socials, I Use Brennanbaby everywhere.

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