KATO LUBWAMA: Social Media Is A Weapon Against Celebrity Brands


Comedian Kato Lubwama has weighed in on the current discussion about the indecent dress code of female celebrities in Uganda. He said it is not right for these celebrities to wear whatever they feel like as they go for school shows. However, they can put on whatever they feel like for as long as they are not in school.

“We need to allow them to express themselves. We police them like they are children. Musicians should be allowed to live the life they want. “I think this whole thing was started as a mere campaign to fight Sheebah. Someone is using social media to taint her image, but I encourage her to continue dressing up the way she does,” Lubwama said.

According to the comedian, the whole fiasco about the way artistes dress is a way of destroying brands with the help of social media. He said some individuals stirred it up as a campaign to defame Sheebah. At the beginning of this month, musicians were banned from staging performances in schools by the Ministry of Education and Sports. This came after a number of clips made rounds on social media. In some clips, artists are seen performing in schools while dressed indecently. In some of the videos, artistes are seen dressed skimpily while pulling off erotic and seductive dance moves.

The ministry particularly cited Sheebah Kalungi saying her dance moves and dress code were shameful yet some students looked up to her as a role model.



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