Maritza Unveils Disrespect Faced During Her Time As A Presenter


Spoken Word artist Maritza, also known as Martha Byoga, has taken to social media to share her profound experiences of exploitation and disrespect during her time as a presenter at XFM and Next Radio.

Over the span of nine years, Maritza has been associated with three different media companies, and she attributes her frequent job changes to the consistent mistreatment she faced in each workplace.

During her five-year tenure at XFM, she had to endure a distressing atmosphere characterized by disrespect and neglect. Nonetheless, Maritza skillfully capitalized on this opportunity to propel her career to unprecedented heights.

While working at XFM, she couldn’t help but notice a glaring disparity in payment. Despite hosting a morning show, she was compensated with a meager sum of Shs 800,000 while her co-host enjoyed twice that amount.


Fortunately, a more appealing offer emerged from KFM, where she wholeheartedly dedicated three years of her life, even in the face of the usual challenges associated with any employment.

However, with just a month left on her three-year contract at KFM, Maritza was presented with another enticing opportunity at Next Radio. She enthusiastically accepted the offer and joined the station as a co-host for “The Morning Switch” show, alongside Hakim The Dream and Richard Tuwangye. The show aired every Monday to Friday, from 6 AM to 10 AM.

Unfortunately, to her profound disappointment, the promising deal she had signed with Next Radio was unexpectedly withdrawn, leaving her no option but to resign from her position.

Nevertheless, Maritza remained undeterred by this setback and wholeheartedly embraced her Spoken Word career, dedicating her focus and attention to its growth.

Drawing from her own experiences, Maritza offers valuable advice to anyone who might feel oppressed in their workplace – advocating for maintaining the freedom to explore alternative paths and prioritize other aspects of their lives. Throughout her journey of triumphs and struggles, Maritza continues to forge ahead, utilizing her powerful voice and talent to inspire and empower others.



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