King Charles Lambert Joins Thousands Of Ugandans To Wish Museveni A 79th Birthday


The visionary behind Africa’s Rebirth/Renaissance blueprint and the esteemed founder of Black Wall Street (BWS), King Charles Lambert, has united with thousands of Ugandans in extending warm birthday wishes to Uganda’s revered leader, President Yoweri Museveni, as he celebrates his 79th birthday.

Yoweri K

His Excellency Museveni was born on this very day, September 15, back in 1944. King Charles Lambert took to social media to pay tribute to Museveni’s leadership and to wish him “many more years of good health.”

King Lambert has long been an ardent admirer and supporter of President Museveni, consistently hailing him as one of the greatest Pan-Africanists.

The president’s birthday festivities unfolded at the Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kampala just this past Friday. This earlier celebration was arranged to accommodate the president’s hectic schedule.

Over 100,000 guests, hailing from diverse corners of the country, came together to partake in this grand celebration. The birthday gala was orchestrated by the Office of the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

In his heartfelt message, King Charles penned: “Africans all around the world have never witnessed such a dedicated patriot with a deep-seated commitment to his people, his kin, and his homeland. Happy birthday, and here’s to many more years of robust health and unwavering leadership for the esteemed M7 (Museveni) on this special day. May he enjoy great health and many more fruitful years.”


King Charles has embarked on a mission to rekindle Africa’s greatness through the Economic War for Economic Independence. King Charles explained, “Often, when people join us and mention ‘Economic War for Economic Independence,’ I’m not entirely sure they grasp the full scope of its significance. The Economic War represents a quest to supplant Capitalism, the current economic system introduced by Europeans during colonization, with a Compassionate Capitalism Economic System in Africa and subsequently across the globe. How do we achieve this? Through the implementation of empathy-driven innovative programs that bestow economic benefits upon millions of individuals in ways that Capitalism has never been able to achieve.”

He further remarked, “We’ve already developed these empathy-driven innovative solutions, and now we’re on the path to introducing them by recruiting and overseeing 140,000 Digital Marketers to cover all 14,000 Job Centers, thereby disseminating transformative ideas, inspired by the God of Abraham, to every corner and cranny of Africa.”



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