Shedding Light on the Crucial Role of Stage Managers at Music Events


In a recent and highly publicized altercation that sent shockwaves through Uganda’s entertainment scene, MC Kats and singer Alien Skin found themselves embroiled in a backstage dispute that quickly escalated into a physical confrontation. This dramatic incident, which unfolded just days ago at Hotel Africana during singer Geosteady’s concert, has brought into focus an often-overlooked figure in the world of music and events: the stage manager.

The incident in question commenced when MC Kats, known in real life as Edwin Katamba, seemingly attempted to disrupt Alien Skin’s performance by boldly taking the stage. What followed was an unexpected and heated confrontation that spiraled into a backstage brawl, ultimately resulting in Kats being forcibly removed from the stage in a rather embarrassing manner. The clash involved both physical altercations and heated exchanges of words, leaving the public both bewildered and curious about the circumstances leading to such a fracas.

This incident has since sparked a broader examination of the intricate dynamics surrounding stage management in Ugandan events, emphasizing the crucial necessity of having a seasoned stage manager to oversee and navigate such situations effectively.

Prioritizing the Role of a Stage Manager

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Amidst the chaos and discord that unfolded at Hotel Africana, attention has shifted towards the pivotal, albeit frequently underestimated, role of a stage manager. Jenkins Mukasa, a seasoned artist with a wealth of experience as a stage manager, shed light on the multifaceted responsibilities inherent in this role. Stage managers must possess a unique blend of skills, including the ability to thrive under pressure, adept problem-solving capabilities, quick decision-making acumen, negotiation prowess, and physical stamina to endure the long hours associated with event management.

As Jenkins elucidates, a stage manager shoulders the responsibility of orchestrating the entire production on stage. This encompasses scheduling curtain raisers, TVCs, MCs, DJs, and other activities, all seamlessly aligned with a precise timeline. The concert log, meticulously managed by the stage manager, serves as a crucial working document to ensure the smooth execution of every aspect of the event. Without the expertise of a proficient stage manager, incidents like the one involving MC Kats and Alien Skin can occur with greater frequency.


Mukasa further underscores the urgent need for event organizers to prioritize the hiring of capable stage managers. “These professionals play a pivotal role in ensuring that everything unfolds punctually and smoothly,” he emphasizes. He stresses that organizers must empower stage managers to fulfill their roles without compromise or undue interference.

A Photo Montage of Alien Skin (L) and MC Kats (R) – Photo By Exclusive Bizz

MC Kats: A Seasoned Figure in Petty Feuds?

Over the years, MC Kats has frequently found himself embroiled in various petty feuds within the industry. Despite his claims of substantial contributions to the music industry, critics argue that given his experience, he should have transcended such conflicts. Some advocate for his transition into a leadership and guidance role, akin to his friend Douglas Lwanga. The persistent nature of these skirmishes, according to some, has eroded respect from many of his industry peers.

Alien Skin’s Controversial Streak

Alien Skin, despite his recent ascent in the music scene, has garnered attention not only for his music but also for his penchant for controversy. His frequent displays of disrespectful behavior, erratic conduct, and repeated concert no-shows have raised red flags. Critics warn that such behavior could jeopardize both his career and personal well-being.

As questions loom regarding accountability, the incident at Hotel Africana serves as a stark reminder of the indispensable role that stage managers play in the success and smooth execution of Ugandan music events.



  1. Jenkins Mukasa is the best stage manager we have and trust me he doesn’tentertain nosense he was recently a stage manager at the 20 years of Navio at Sheraton and i know every body was impressed by his work.
    NOTE: when you hire a stage manager just leave him to exercise his duties.


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