Kapa Cat calls upon Sheebah to emulate Rihanna!


The news of Rihanna’s baby bump has got many talking and has left many in awe of her relationship with ASAP Rocky. Rihanna has been in a number of relationships, trying to find the one to no avail. Heavens answered her prayer with ASAP Rocky and to the relief of many fans, Rihanna  who has been single for long is now starting a family.

Just like Rihanna, Sheebah has avoided relationships and motherhood like a plague and she still refuses to start a family of her own. When asked about her love life, she mentioned that she needed no man in her life. Ugandan songstress Kapa Cat took to her Facebook page to post a picture of Rihanna showing off her baby bump and she captioned it with Sheeba’s name and emojis of loudspeakers. This was indirect but it was a clear message inviting Sheebah to emulate Rihanna.

IMG 5821
Kapa Cat’s Post

Sheebaholics surely took offence with this post and have since given Kapa Cat backlash, telling her to follow the advice she is giving to Sheebah and start a family of her own. Many have said that it would be easier for Sheebah to conceive because she is way younger than Kapa Cat and is not yet in menopause, unlike Kapa Cat. They demanded that she get some respect for the big dawgs in the music industry!



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