Jelo’s Café Spreads Joy in Kawempe with Bi-Annual Charity Event


In a heartwarming display of community engagement, Jelo’s Café in Kawempe, along Ttula Road next to Vegas Chill Out, hosted its first-ever bi-annual charity event, Jelo’s Joyful Giving. The event, which took place on Saturday, featured singer Ava Peace as the headline performer.

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Jelo’s Café, only five months into its existence, decided to express gratitude to its first-ever customer, an elderly man known as Ssalongo Balungi, a respected figure in the Kawempe community. As a token of appreciation, Ssalongo Balungi was presented with a package containing food and drink items.

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As a leader in the Muslim community, Ssalongo Balungi guided the Jelo’s Café team to nearby homes, extending their goodwill to neighboring families. The event included moments with children, cake-cutting ceremonies, and the capture of joyful memories through pictures.

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The charitable giveaway marked the beginning of the café’s commitment to community service, with plans for the official launch of their restaurant in February 2024.

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Nakyanzi Rose Mary, also known as Zoey and the Head of Marketing at Jelo’s Café, emphasized the cafe’s philosophy of giving back to the community. “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but rather what we give,” she stated. Zoey encouraged well-wishers to contribute to the charity drive by leaving a coin or note in the donation box located at the restaurant.

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Jelo’s Joyful Giving is envisioned as a bi-annual event, and the inaugural edition brought smiles to the faces of many in the Kawempe community.

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The café encourages community members and patrons to join them in creating smiles through their ongoing charity efforts. For those interested in supporting, a donation box is available at the café, and online orders can be placed using the Jelos APP or by calling +256-754-648-604 for delivery.



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