Hon. Keddi Steven’s $30,000 donation Fuels Mosque Construction in Mbale


In a remarkable display of generosity, Hon. Keddi Steven Zuluba, the CEO and Founder of Keddi Foundation, announced a substantial donation of $30,000 towards the construction of a mosque in Mbale. The announcement was made during a fundraising ceremony held on the 30th at Nakaloke Primary School, where Hon. Keddi Steven served as the chief guest.

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Keddi Steven, a prominent Ugandan business magnate, Minister of God, and philanthropist, has a compelling personal journey that has shaped his commitment to giving back. Originating from a poor homestead and facing bleak prospects, he found support and mentorship under the guidance of Bishop John Okware. Keddi’s life took a transformative turn when Bishop Okware welcomed him into the church and later facilitated his employment at the airport.

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Despite initial hardships, Keddi’s unwavering dedication led him to opportunities abroad, including a stint in Qatar. Returning to Uganda, he ventured into politics, vying for the position of Butebo County Member of Parliament, although success eluded him.

Keddi’s background, marked by the loss of his mother at three days old and upbringing by his grandmother in Pallisa, Eastern Uganda, adds a poignant layer to his philanthropic endeavors. His journey from a humble beginning to a successful entrepreneur and public figure exemplifies resilience and determination.

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The Keddi Foundation, established in 2019, reflects Keddi Steven’s commitment to transforming lives in Uganda and Africa. The foundation focuses on facilitating the growth and empowerment of economically disadvantaged individuals. With a mission to foster success among people from diverse backgrounds, the Keddi Foundation aligns with a shared commitment to creating a more equitable and prosperous world for all.

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Hon. Keddi Steven’s generous donation towards the mosque construction in Mbale underscores his dedication to uplifting communities and promoting unity through philanthropy.



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