Onfarm donates milk at Old Kampala Mosque


This is after a massive campaign of giving back to the Muslim community during the holy month of Ramathan by the company that started a few weeks back and will be ongoing until the end of Ramadhan.

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The onfarm track was stationed at the mosque by 4pm and immediately after the prayers, the team led by Imad Den Muzingu, started distributed the milk to hundreds of Moslems in the surrounding areas of Old Kampala.

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“I am so grateful for this milk and may God reward you abundantly. I did not know how I was going to break my fast today but with this litre of milk, I am sorted for iftar and Daaku tomorrow,” said Ibra Kasozi.

Speaking about this gesture, Imad Den Muzingu, the head of sales at onfarm said this is their way of spreading joy and sharing the blessings of Ramathan with everyone.

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“We are in the Holy month of Ramathan, a month of giving, a month of mercy so we have decided to give back to the community for the support they have been giving us ever since this company started.” He said.

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This campaign kicked of last week at Masjeed Rahmaan in Konge where the company distributed 250 litres of milk to the Moslem community before they went and did the same at Kibuli mosque, handing out 300 litres.



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