“I Can’t Talk About Spice Diana Because She Doesn’t Have Music” Confirms Jenkins Mukasa


The ongoing verbal altercation between Ugandan female singer Spice Diana and prominent media personality Jenkins Mukasa shows no signs of abating, as both parties continue to exchange barbs in public forums.

Spice Diana recently accused Jenkins Mukasa of attempting to undermine, tarnish, and sabotage her brand.

However, Jenkins Mukasa retaliated by dismissing Spice Diana’s claims and questioning her relevance in the music industry.

“I can’t talk about you because you don’t have music. I would only talk about the likes of Sheebah, Azawi, because they have music. If you don’t have art, when did I ever talk about you? She is only trying to seek attention, but we shall help and give it to her,” Jenkins Mukasa remarked during a television appearance on a local TV station.


In response to the ongoing feud, Spice Diana took a creative approach by featuring a doppelgänger of Jenkins Mukasa in her latest music video for the song “Mind Your Business.”

The inclusion of a lookalike in the video seems to be a subtle yet pointed jab at Jenkins Mukasa amid their escalating conflict.

The public spat between Spice Diana and Jenkins Mukasa has garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with fans and followers taking sides in the heated exchange.

While some have expressed support for Spice Diana, others have defended Jenkins Mukasa, adding fuel to the fiery dispute.

As the feud between the two personalities shows no signs of resolution, observers speculate on whether it will escalate further or eventually fizzle out.

However, one thing remains certain: the bitter verbal exchange between Spice Diana and Jenkins Mukasa continues to capture the public’s attention, adding drama to Uganda’s entertainment scene.



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