“Barbie Itungo Was My Second Mother Who Helped Me From Street Life,” Says Grenade Official


Grenade Official once lived at Bobi Wine’s home in Magele along Gayaza Road.

In an interview with Galaxy TV, the crooner, who mostly goes by Grenade, said he lived at Wine’s for about a week and fled because he didn’t want to join the school.

“Yeah, he adopted me,” said the Am Badder hitmaker. “And they gave me a room at their house. Barbie was my mom”

Said Grenade: “I had become used to street life.”

Bobi Wine and his wife, Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi, weren’t the first to offer the controversial singer a home to live. Many others in the industry, including Galaxy FM co-founder Innocent Nahabwe, Big Eye and Pallaso had all accommodated but kept fleeing for the streets.

Who is Grenade Official?


Grenade Official, real name Deus Ndugwa, was born in Lyantode on July 14, 1997. His educational background details are scanty but he likely didn’t go beyond P.7.

One day, he walked from Lyantonde to attend a show in Kyazanga where Jose Chameleone was to perform. He had come to demand Chameleone money for the rabbits he had sold him. Unfortunately, Chameleone left before he could pay him.

Luckily for Grenade, the truck that had ferried music equipment hadn’t departed, so he came with it to Kampala. On arrival in Katwe, he was offered a job by the equipment owners until he got bored after two weeks and walked up to Chameleone’s house in Seguku. However, they were not able to meet him.

He was now left with one choice: hustling; this included several menial jobs, including selling scrap.

In the process, he met a producer called Mavo in Kamwokya who helped him produce his first songs under his then-stage name Moz Dem.

He started getting some performance gigs but shortly fell out with the producer and returned to the streets.

One day, he went to 9 Degrees Bar and met Coco Finger who started moving around with him

In the process, he met Big Eye who took him off the street and started staying with him. But he shortly left to return to the streets after he learned that Don Zella (who was then dating Eye) had registered him to return to school.

He then linked up with Hypeman who used to go with him to bars. He would later meet Pallaso and started staying with him and he met him through Kevin Killer with whom they sang Walayi

His breakthrough song was Nkuloga.



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