Here is why Ugandan music is challenged to sell internationally


    When we talk of Ugandan music, we forget to state that this is art. It is something that people need to keep being entertained. I am sure we are all lovers of music which genre it is. Today the industry is filled with a lot of artists both old age and new age artists.

    By now we should realize that only a few of our artists have made it internationally and onto the East Africa Market. It is funny that some of the local artists work is only played on their local stations which is also a hustle.

    Reasons Ugandan music is challenged to sell?

    It’s possible that many singers are not conducting vigorous marketing of their content. Marketing plays a critical role in boosting publicity and creating audience loyalty by sharing the content to them. Providing a reason as to why your target audience should listen to you is key.

    Some Ugandan artists may fall short of a reasonable number of consumers as a result of little to no advertising and marketing. Reasons may range from costliness of marketing process to lack of enough expertise and awareness to formulate efficient marketing strategies. It is therefore important to create your brand awareness and promote your music business.
    Remember, taking big risks can attribute to big rewards.

    Lack of content and poor quality of music:

    This has always been a controversial reason on why Ugandan music doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Some Ugandan musicians have often been in cross hairs with the government and other Ugandans over their musical content which leaves a bad taste.


    From songs with tedious lyrics and tunes to nudity and vulgar in musical videos and lyrics, the quality of content has been wanting prompting scrutiny and controversy over the delivered songs.
    Ugandan music is always evolving though that should not be give an excuse to produce poor content. The best quality of music is original, informative and sends the right kind of message to the society.

    Inadequate Local support:
    Many musician celebrities have in the past cried foul over the lack of support in their content. Some say they face a lot of frustrations from the government and record labels. Others claim ignorance from their alleged marketers such as TV and radio stations while others are of the view that Ugandans are not supporting local songs but are quick to listen to those from foreign countries.



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