5000ugx back to every student using Faras to attend Hi Skool Kiromo at Wonder-World


Ahead of the Hi Skool Kiromo Leavers Turn up, the host and team leader Kiromo Brand House MC Ollo signed app with Faras Technologies, a transport company to provide safe and affordable rides to the teenagers coming to and From the Hi Skool Kiromo at wonderworld amusement park on 10th Dec.

20221130 194702

The Teenz can be able to get the Faras app on the App Store or the play store, download it to their phones or parents or guardians phones, and can be able to order for a ride, to the event.

There’s a 10% cash back and 5000 reversed to the students Faras wallet than can be used to return home or even converted to mobile money. You can even top up t he 5000 to your entrance money at the event.

IMG 20221130 WA0024
MC Ollo – Host, Hi-Skool Kiromo

That’s good news. The Teenz can now get safe and affordable rides to and from the event. What’s your excuse ? Come for the Hi Skool Kiromo Leavers Turn up on December 10th at wonderworld amusement for extrem teen excitement and performances from the biggest Teenz acts.




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