“My Friends Advised Me To Join Illuminati And I Was Willing”-Omega 256


Life’s unexpected challenges led artist Omega 256 on a journey of resilience, recounted during her appearance on “the DEEP talk” with Mr. Henrie. Facing a difficult period, she received an unsettling suggestion from a friend to join the Illuminati as a means of overcoming her struggles.

Vulnerability pushed Omega 256 to consider the option, only to discover the dark intentions behind the seemingly helpful advice. As she delved deeper into the idea, she was confronted with a demand to send explicit images of herself, revealing the exploitative nature of the proposition.

In a bold stance against exploitation and violation, Omega 256 courageously drew the line, refusing to proceed any further with the deceptive offer.

“When a friend advised me to join the Illuminati, I was willing to do so because I was going through a lot and needed money. I was disappointed when they asked me to send pictures of my boobs and private parts as a perimeter of joining the group,” shared Omega 256.



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