Harmonize brags about winning back Frida Kajala’s love


Tanzania’s Bongo Star Harmonize has bragged about what it took him to win back his fiancée Frida Kajala. In a post on Instagram, the artiste said he rescued the relationship with an apology and deep talk.

“One deep talk and apology can fix a lot. Start from now you are not late!” he wrote.

The couple had a dramatic breakup in April 2021 after dating for a short period with Harmonize being accused of allegedly seducing Kajala’s daughter Paula.

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After their breakup, Kajala blocked the musician on all platforms and for a year they both moved on with their lives. Much later, Harmonize starting asking for forgiveness and even tattooed his body with an “I’m sorry” message for Kajala. He pushed the limits further by going as far as publicly apologising to Kajala by erecting a billboard with the same message.

His initially didn’t move Kajala, prompting him to buy her two expensive cars. Still unmoved, the actress would later have series of posts geared at hitting back. “You can’t change everyone. Just move on. Don’t let nobody play with you even if you love them,” Kajala said. But in May 2022, she eventually forgave him while sharing her feelings in an emotional post.


“Forgiveness isn’t saying what they did was ok, it’s just saying you won’t hold onto that negative energy any longer,” she explained on social media. Without wasting time, Harmonize popped the question and the two have since been serving ‘couple goals’ on social media.



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