Hannington Bugingo embarks on Re-Uniting Chameleon & Balaam!


For soo long, Singer Jose Chameleon and events promoter Balaam Barugahara were inseparable. In fact, Balaam was the exclusive promoter that organized Chameleon’s musical Album concerts and their bond was like one of a mother and her children. However like the Baganda saying goes “… n’ebibimba bikka” to literally mean that even something flourishing reaches a point of diminishing, the pair’s once inseparable friendship hit a dead end and today, the two don’t see eye to eye.

With this background, there is a deliberate effort and move by Fun Factory comedian Hannington Bugingo to reconcile the two former friends. Bugingo is Balaam’s friend and also Chameleon’s close associate in matters regarding his musical projects and his access to both sides will probably enable him mediate talks between the two to see to it it that they rekindle their friendship as well as their music businesses that they once did together.

IMG 6178
Hannington Bugingo and Chameleon

In a bid to achieve the mission, Bugingo met up with Balaam on Wednesday evening shortly after a Copyright Cocktail Reception at the French Residence in Nakasero and had a conversation our sources tapped into. According to Balaam during the conversation, he termed Chameleon as a disloyal person who never sticks to one person. He cited a scenario where Chameleone’s lawyers pleaded with him for 50 Million shillings to bail him out during the Karamagi Murder case saga. To his dismay, Balaam was disappointed in seeing the same Chameleon conniving with city socialite Sipapa to throw shed at him. He pinned the two for recording his verbal conversations where he was speaking jokingly of his political party and shared the audio clips on social media something that painted him as a bad person in the face of the President and other senior leaders. He further declared that he cannot be friends with such a person.

We are yet to know whether the mediator, Bugingo also reached out to Chameleon on the same matter and if so, we shall share the excerpts with you but for now lets take you back to the genesis of Chameleon’s anger towards Balaam. It was on the evening of Easter Sunday on 12th April 2020, that day Chameleon had a televised perfomance on BBS Television and shortly before his performance, his then car, a Toyota Landcruiser V8 was impounded by URA officials who claimed it had not cleared all the requirements for it to be on the road.

IMG 6179
Dr Jose Chameleon

Emerging reports implicated Balaam Barugahare as the chief mastermind for the impounding Chameleone’s vehicle. Barugahare who enjoys good relations with the NRM government had allegedly launched an economic war on all artistes who had associated with the People Power movement. In the emerged evidence, sources revealed that Balaam planned to embarrass the legendary Leone Island boss. According to the sources, Barugahare planted his own Radio 4 journalist who covered the footage at Chameleone’s Sseguku residence. In the footage, Balaam was overheard in a phone conversation asking his journalist for the information on ground. He is also heard giving orders on who should be arrested.


Since then, Chameleon staged a war on the self proclaimed Saabavvulu terming him a traitor who only uses artists for his own selfish interests. He further added that he was awaiting only one remaining concert off the many they had signed to do together and thereafter he vowed to never work with Balaam again. Lets see where all this will end, we shall keep you posted!



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