Grenade Official Wants Government To Stop International Acts From Performing In Uganda.


Singer Deus Ndugwa a.k.a Grenade Official has pleaded with the Ugandan government to ban international musicians from performing in Uganda.

The former TNS affiliate singer feels that international acts are not special people from the rest of the artists.

He adds that they are not special like how people make them look and put down Uganda’s music industry.

“As a Ugandan musician, I would like to ask the government to ban international musicians from coming to perform in Uganda. They have led to the downfall of the music industry. People take them to be special but they are not that special,” he said.Grenade Official’s remarks have since sparked a debate within the music industry as some agreed with him saying this approach would boost the local music industry and provide opportunities for aspiring talent.

Meanwhile, others believe that it goes against the principles of a free market economy where fans should have the freedom to choose from both local and international artists.

According to Grenade, the reason why these shows flop is because they are often compared to international artists. He said if these international artists are banned from coming to Uganda, there will be no comparison and people will just attend concerts.



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