BREAKING THE LINE: Sheebah’s Replacement Rahma Pinky Ready To Take Over Musically

At the beginning of December, this website broke news that singer Sheebah Karungi and longtime talent manager Jeff Kiwa had finally separated for good and also revealed of how a fresh, young and highly talented singer Rahma Pinky was already set to fill Sheebah’s void who has since gone solo.

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Rahmah Pinky

In an exclusive interview with NBS TV’s Kayz, Pinky noted of how she never intends to fight her predecessor but to rather start her new journey under the stewardship of TNS -Team No Sleep. “Iam not here to fight Sheebah, I give her a lot of respect for what she has done that made her a standing artist but I have just come to create my new journey”. Rahma Pinky said.

With a couple of singles to her credit like “Tontankula,” “Omuzadde,” “Girl Child” “Tukooye” and the latest “Superstar”, Pinky is already making a name for herself. Coming from the Ugandan music industry that’s had just a handful of women rise to the top, “Superstar” is a breath of fresh air. Her powerful voice is the first thing to catch one`s attention, the vocal effort she put into hitting difficult notes was an antithesis to the fast paced dancehall sound
that women superstars are releasing in East Africa and Africa at large.

IMG 4781
Rahma Pinky and her Manager Jeff Kiwa

Her neo-soul voice is simultaneously soft and powerful, with dancehall dynamics influenced by traditional Ugandan sounds. Blurring the boundaries of the genre, Pinky obtains an unclassifiable style and that is just fine by her. Of the songs she has released so far, each song is different from the next, reinventing her sound with every release. She’s creating unique melodies that tie together a mix of genres and influences. This keeps her borderless and ever-changing.

Watch Rahmah Pinky’s latest Single – SUPERSTAR

The genius of Pinky’s sound is that she boasts a singular vocal bend that allows her to wheel between deep and high tones with shocking ease. It can be puzzling at first – swathed in echoes of something either grim or idyllic.



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