Alien Skin On Why He Moves With Heavy Security.


Singer Alien Skin has come out and credited his security for protecting him since he joined the Ugandan Music industry.

Alien Skin who was once a Ghetto bouncer acting as a security person has now hired some of them who are trained to protect him.

He also went ahead and explained in an interview with Alpha Times earlier this year that he is always looking for the best security team because he has many enemies who threaten his life.

“I have enough security, Alpha, I can tell you. I receive threats, so I strengthen my security detail every time I get the chance to do so. I feel safe with them, and I am sure no one can hurt me when I have them around,” he partly said.

Indeed, Alien was seen with armed guards at Ronald Mayinja’s show, which took place on Women’s Day over the weekend.

Our sources have learned that one Special Forces soldier called Mudoola, who has served 7 tours in Congo, Sudan, and Somalia, is the head of security.



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