Genocide of Zionists in occupied Palestine


Gideon Levy; The famous reporter and columnist of “Haaretz” newspaper has pointed out important and fundamental points about the true identity of Zionists during his speech which has been widely reflected in the virtual space and is still being added to the number of millions of visitors.

Gideon Levy says: “I want to point out three principles that allow us Israelis to live in peace despite the brutal realities.” He then explains the mentioned three principles as follows:

The first principle: “Most of us Israelis believe from the bottom of our hearts that we are the chosen people, so we have the right to do whatever we want.!!

The second principle: “We have set a record in occupation. But there has never been any occupier in history who presented himself as a victim!! Not just the victim, but the only victim in the scene!! This also allows us Israelis to live in peace despite the daily crimes. Because we believe that we are victims!!

The third principle: “The third principle, which is perhaps the most important and the worst, is the organized dehumanization of non-Jews. We do not consider non-Jews as human beings who have human rights!!If we scratch the skin of the Israelis, we can see these three principles!!

What Gideon Levy says about these principles of the Zionists’ belief is not his “analysis” or his personal opinion, but rather a fact that the history of the Jewish people for several thousand years is an unequivocal proof of its authenticity, and this bitter fact is also emphasized in the word of God.

The Islamic world and more realistically, the followers of all non-Jewish (non-Zionist) religions are facing such predatory anthropomorphs who consider themselves to be a superior race.!! And they consider the corruption and destruction and massacre of others not only permissible, but also their “religious duty”.!!


Creatures with these characteristics are similar to rabid dogs that must be kept in a fenced area and kept away from human societies.!! And the health of human societies requires that they are not among people!!

These days, the world is witnessing the presence President America and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country in occupied Palestine and declaring their support for the Zionist genocide.

As far as yesterday “Janet Yellen” the US Treasury Secretary announced that in addition “On top of helping Ukraine, we can also help Israel in the recent war”!!And Sputnik announced, citing a source in the Pentagon: “US sends a rapid response team of 2,000 Marines to Israeli coast”.

Therefore, while inviting others to exercise self-restraint and refrain from entering the defense of the people of Gaza, the United States is fully standing by the Zionist regime. Is!!

On the other hand, the Zionist regime’s army, which has suffered a heavy defeat in confronting the resistance forces and does not have the strength to fight them, has resorted to massacring the defenseless people in Gaza and killing a large number of ordinary people and homeless women and children every day.

Last night, more than 1,000 children, women and defenseless patients were killed by the bombing of Al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that the bloodthirsty and child-killing Zionists have not stopped their crimes.

In other words, they have violated the conditions that were considered to refrain from opening a new front against Israel. However, there isn’t any legal and logical permission provided for the entry of Islamic countries to support the oppressed people of Palestine?

These days, besides on Muslim nations, witness massive demonstrations and in some cases hundreds of thousands of non-Muslim nations are against the crimes of the Zionists in America and Europe.

In other words, the public opinion of the world is also prepared to deal with the barbaric Zionists and finally, all evidence suggests that the day of revenge is near. God willingly



  1. The evil that men do never goes away. It follows them for eternity unless they confess & repent of their sins. This superiority complex will not solve the problem. No amount of gunfire will solve the problem in Gaza. Human life & dignity is inalienable


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