Govt & Nyege Nyege organizers Hold first Joint Planning Meeting


In an exciting development, the government and the private sector have joined forces to elevate the Nyege Nyege festival, heralding the 8th edition of the much-anticipated event taking place from November 9th to 12th in Jinja City. The collaborative effort was officially kickstarted during a joint planning meeting at the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity.

The meeting was presided over by Hon. Rose Lilly Akello, the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, and brought together key stakeholders from various sectors. Notable attendees included representatives from Uganda Breweries Limited, the festival’s main sponsor, as well as Nyege Nyege, Talent Africa, Busoga Kingdom, Uganda Police, the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, among others.

During the meeting, the diverse group of stakeholders delved into a comprehensive review of last year’s festival, covering aspects such as security measures and ethical concerns. Their discussions culminated in plans to enhance and expand this year’s festival, which is set to sprawl across nearly 50 acres of picturesque land encompassing the Source of the Nile, Jinja Showgrounds, Jinja Golf Course, and Source Gardens in Jinja City.

In a pivotal move, the assembled stakeholders also laid the foundation for a “National Organizing Committee” dedicated to the festival. The committee’s inaugural meeting is scheduled for the coming week and aims to harmonize efforts, amplify the festival’s impact, and expand its already significant positive socio-economic influence on the people of Uganda.

The Nyege Nyege festival has become a highlight on Uganda’s cultural calendar, drawing thousands of revelers from both the nation and abroad to the enchanting shores of the River Nile. The event has positioned Uganda as a vibrant party and hospitality destination while offering tourists a glimpse of the country’s myriad other travel attractions.

According to festival organizers, the event’s growth has been substantial. In 2019, approximately 13,000 attendees graced the festival, with 4,000 hailing from outside Uganda. In 2022, the numbers continued to soar, with approximately 15,000 festival-goers, including 10,000 Ugandans, 3,000 Kenyans, and 2,000 international guests.

The festival’s impact extends beyond the excitement of the event itself. Not only does it contribute to government revenue through fees, permits, and taxes, but it also directly benefits numerous hotels, bed and breakfasts, and camps in Jinja and the surrounding areas. Locals find employment opportunities as parking attendants, accredited guides, transport providers (Boda Bodas and car hire), as well as suppliers of raw and cooked food, further enriching the local economy.


The collaboration between the government and the private sector promises to enhance the festival’s impact, making Nyege Nyege not only a celebration of culture and music but also a catalyst for economic growth and social prosperity in the heart of Uganda. As preparations continue, the 8th edition of Nyege Nyege is poised to be an even more remarkable and transformative experience for all involved.



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