Former Goodlyfe Star Gift ov Kaddo Urges Musicians To Be Professional.


In a recent interview with Spark TV, Gift ov Kaddo, renowned for hits like Traffic Man and Lawyer, emphasizes the importance of artists avoiding vulgar lyrics to create music with lasting impact.

Gift ov Kaddo, whose real name is Gift Kyambadde, expresses concern over the prevalence of explicit content in today’s music. Despite not having a current chart-topping song, he notes that his earlier works continue to resonate with the new generation, attributing this longevity to the absence of vulgar lyrics.

The singer laments the current trend where artists prioritize explicit content, facilitated by its promotion on various media platforms. He highlights the challenges parents face in regulating their children’s exposure to such music and emphasizes the need for artists to be more mindful of the impact their lyrics can have on younger audiences.


Urging fellow artists to reconsider their approach, Gift ov Kaddo encourages a return to creating quality music with morally upright lyrics. He believes that such an approach is crucial for crafting timeless music that can transcend generations.

Reflecting on his own choices, Gift ov Kaddo asserts that focusing on the quality of his music has contributed to its enduring popularity. He suggests that had he opted for explicit content, his songs might not have stood the test of time.

As the artist continues to advocate for a shift towards more thoughtful and responsible lyricism, he hopes to inspire a positive change in the industry and contribute to a music culture that fosters a positive impact on listeners.



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