Henry Tigan Urges Alien Skin and Fik Gaza to Reconcile.


In the midst of escalating tensions between former allies Alien Skin and Fik Gaza, renowned Reggae and Dancehall artist, Henry Tigan, advocates for reconciliation as the key to reviving their music careers.

Recent months have witnessed a fiery feud between Fangone Forest leader Alien Skin and Gaza Empire’s Fik Gaza, escalating from online clashes to a physical altercation at the Zzina Awards.

Tigan, drawing from his own experiences in clashes during his Firebase Crew days, disapproves of the current confrontational nature between the two camps.

In an interview with BBS Terefayina, the ‘Abogezi’ singer emphasized that the era of physical altercations, reminiscent of Firebase vs Leone Island days, is outdated and counterproductive in the current music scene.


Tigan earnestly advised Alien Skin and Fik Gaza to set aside their differences, make amends, and embrace peace as the only viable path to advance their careers without causing enduring damage to each other.

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He further suggested that a collaborative studio session between the two artists could yield a hit song, benefiting both parties and potentially mending their strained relationship.



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