Eddy Kenzo disgraced for mocking late Philly Lutaaya


Grammy award nominee Eddy Kenzo has the previous week been in the news for the wrong reason.

During an interview, he made mockery statements towards the Late philly Bongole Lutaaya and his music.

“I made a remake of Philly Bongole Lutaaya’s Born In Africa not because I wanted to elevate myself to another level. Personally  I have achieved goals in music. I have songs that have hundreds of millions of views. His song has just a million views after so many years. That means Philly has no song that is bigger than any of mine. Numbers don’t lie,” Kenzo said

Kenzo was responding to critics and music lovers who said he had ruined the late singer’s song in the remake.

His statements have turned many against him. Cartoonists have used their talents to remind Kenzo his right place, musicians have given their opinions and music lovers continue to insult him in every opportunity they get.

“With all due respect, my big brother Eddy Kenzo, it’s not the views that show that a song is big. Despacito has more views than most of Micheal Jackson’s songs, but when it comes to greatness, it can’t match MJs songs.It’s like wizkid or Burna boy coming out to say they have bigger songs than Fella Kuti. I love your music, my big brother and am a big fan but that statement is so wrong. Just imagine Elly Wamala, Bassude lived in this Internet generation they would have the same views as yours big brother. And to add to my submission I think the greatness of a song is proved when a song crosses from one generation to another like what Philly’s music is doing that even the big stars of our generation like you find interest in redoing it. That’s what shows greatness of a song. As a fan of your music and a person who looks up to your big brother, I am disappointed by the statement you made,” Bruno K said

“Did Kenzo really compare himself to philly Lutaaya? Wow, this industry keeps getting more interesting. One grammy nomination and the man said he’s bigger than Philly! Man pride is such a bad thing,” Irene Ntale said


Brenda Nansasi said: “But Philly Bongole’s songs have lasted for many years, yours lasts 1 month and we bury them, though I am your number one fan,”

Musa Lorinda said Kenzo’s voice did not sit in the Born In Africa song.

Bob Lee said: Just enroll for some adult education to have proper reasoning and responses in some great times or situations. Thank you,”

“You have your name written among the stars that’s for sure but don’t ever compare yourself to classical musicians. If only Muzaata was here to put you in your place,” said Barbie Rae Gina Katusabe

One Don Ramsey said Eddy Kenzo needs counseling and guidance and he should understand that his success is attributed to social media.

“How can you compare yourself to the late philly Lutaaya really? Back in the days, there was no social media. If there was social media, Lutaaya would be the best singer in Africa at large,” he said



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