DAX VIBES: Here is what our Family is good at!


Singer Dax Vibes, the younger brother to popular musician turned politician, Bobi Wine, has revealed that one thing his family is so good about.

While appearing in an interview with NBS After 5, the singer said that his family is so good at adjusting to different situations. This has therefore helped him to do a lot of businesses and earn from them. The Until I met you singer added that he grabs every opportunity and uses it to the best of his abilities.

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Mikiewine & Dax Vibes

One, therefore, has to be strategic and not wise in trying to make ends meet. These are the valuable lessons he’s learnt from his elder brothers.

“You don’t have to be wise but rather strategic, that’s why I don’t get locked onto one thing. What I learned from my family is that we are good at adjusting to situations. I have been able to do lots of businesses, and grab every opportunity,” said the singer. Dax Vibes family includes the likes of Bobi Wine, Eddie Yawe, Mickie Wine, Banjoman etc. All these are successful businessmen according to their levels. They own big mansions and other business ventures.

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Questions however have always surrounded their source of income. For Bobi Wine, Silver Kyagulanyi and Eddy Yawe, their success is not questioned because their music achievements speak volumes.


However, it’s Mickie Wine, Banjoman and Dax Vibes who have always raised dust on their source of income. From luxurious rides to posh homes, these artists live an exotic lifestyle. This is despite them struggling musically.

Dax Vibes however who had made this dust rise after a video of him around a big building in Kampala watered down the rumors. He revealed that the house was not his.

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It was just that he was fascinated with it and decided to record a video around there. The singer added that it was just propagandists trying to cast doubt about him and his family’s source of finances.



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