FINALLY! Sheebah Hints on Marriage soon as she finds right Partner!


Like the famous Baganda saying goes, ‘Ebibimba bimala nebika’ directly translated to ‘whatever swells finally calms down. Even a storm has to calm at a certain point. Banaffe, it is time for Sheebah Karungi to get off her High horse and start talking of marriage. The word itself felt like poison every time it came out of Sheebah’s mouth but something must have changed recently to trigger a marriage speech from her.

Sheebah Karungi, famous activist and chairlady of ‘Nakyeyombekedde” crew has finally talked about the word marriage after a long time of battering her into finding a life partner. Earlier on, she mentioned that society would never dictate what she was to do with her life and she needed no man to be happy. This World however is a funny place and eventually, everyone needs a partner, not only to warm up their bed but also their heart.

Sheebah herself

In the latest interview however, the 33-year-old entertainer stunned her followers when she said she would consider marriage if she found a man with qualities she liked. Who knew that the World would humble Sheebah to a point that she even talked about getting herself a partner to love, to cherish and to hold?

She went on to disclose that when she and her Mr. Right happen to tie the knot, only four to six people will get a chance to attend her wedding. For everyone that knows Sheebah, these words were always a taboo for her and it is such a wonder that she even plans to hold a secret wedding in the first place. She however mentioned that her ceremony would not be in Uganda(This has us thinking. Has Sheebah landed a Muzungu?)

“I can never say never. Maybe one day, someone can appear with all the qualities I want then we get married. It would be a simple private wedding with about 4 -6 people,” Sheebah stated.

As for us the social media in-laws, we shall humbly await the pictures of the secret ceremony of Sheebah and her long anticipated hunk. Until then, Ciao Adios!



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