Conflicting loyalties end pinky days at TNS


The news of popular musicians’ Manager Jeff Kiwa, firing rising star Rahma Nanyanzi alias  Pinky has been trending since morning with Pinky fans wondering what has gone wrong.

According to reliable sources within Team No Sleep (TNS) Munyonyo camp, the work relationship has not been broken over Pinky’s indiscipline but rather, conflicting loyalties between the two camps that have been elevating the walwawo singer’s career.

It is said that Jeff who allegedly replaced Sheebah Karungi with Pinky has not been the money bag funding the latter’s career. He has only been supporting her with the brand TNS.

“Pinky has always been funded by a socialite called Musya and her mother Afuwa Naiga. The mentioned party has been using Jeff’s brand expertise, TNS to Push Pinky. Problem came when Pinky felt that she had reached levels of independence yet Kiwa felt otherwise,” Source explains 

“Jeff started controlling Pinky and the other Camp could not let it be because they have different interests so she was caught up in the middle. The breakup has been building until Jeff decided to quit,” the source added.

Rahma Pinky joined TNS in December 2021 and she has since released songs like superstar, walwawo and Picha under the record label.



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