Comedian Maulana Kasozi Arrested Over Child Neglect.


According to the mother of his three children Shubira Naluja, the comedian has failed his responsibilities as a father.

“He is not doing anything. I struggle to look for what to feed the children. The landlord is demanding for rent and previously he used to visit and leave with pennies which couldn’t help us. And when I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, he asked me to give him the children,” she narrated on Bukedde TV.

She says she ran to Mwanga 2 Court in Mengo to seek justice and when Maulana was summoned, he agreed to send the family Shs15,000 daily, pay rent and pay school fees but after three months he stopped.

The landlord has now given Naluja until the close of business today (Sunday) to vacate his house over rent arrears of three months.  Two of the children have to go to school Monday but she is uncertain whether they will get school fees.

During a phone interview with the same station, Maulana admitted to not fulfilling his duties as a father but maintained that he had requested to have custody of the children, which Naluja refused.

Last year, his father-in-law came out to reveal that Maulana has been disrespecting his wife for some years.



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