Azawi Shares Insights On International Success For Artists on Galaxy TV’s Morning Saga.


In a recent interview on Galaxy TV’s Morning Saga, Ugandan artist Azawi offered her perspective on why many talented artists struggle to gain recognition beyond their national borders.According to Azawi, a crucial element that distinguishes successful artists is the presence of a dedicated manager who acts as the guiding force in their careers.Azawi stressed the importance of artists receiving feedback from diverse perspectives, not solely based on personal interests, under well-organized management.She believes that, before aspiring to cross national borders, artists should focus on creating music that deeply resonates with their fan base.

Understanding their audience allows artists to connect more authentically and tap into the pulse of their listeners.”The fans will push you way further than you can imagine. You need to understand what they want and give them exactly that even before associations and promotions come into the picture,” emphasized Azawi.In summary, Azawi highlighted the significance of artists maintaining discipline and respect for their art and craft. Drawing a parallel with the unity demonstrated by Nigerian artists, she urged Ugandan artists to recognize the power of music as their greatest weapon and collaborate as a team for greater impact.



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