CLEVER J: I will never Work With The Mayanja Family Again


Faded singer Clever J has vowed to never work with the Mayanja family that consists of singers Dr Jose Chameleon, Weasle and Pallaso.

The ‘Manzi wa nani’ hit maker says that these don’t pay him. This is despite them being cousins to him. Clever J adds that this behavior has been going on for quite long. He revealed that he’s been put on about 6 concerts and after performing, he doesn’t even get a single coin. Furthermore, Clever J said that he’s been trying to make amends with them but they always shun him. He also called upon area leaders to always confirm with different artists when posters are pinned in their areas.

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“I want to send a warning to my brothers the Mayanjas, I’m tired of working for you for free. You always advertise me on your shows and whenever I perform you don’t even give me a single coin. Sometimes they advertise you without your knowledge and you learn it from your fans. And them being your relatives, you look for a way to confront them but you can’t see any. Prices of everything are high now and people are so aggrieved. So, stop making me work for free. The next time you do this I will rally my fans and we come chew those speakers as you watch. I call upon area leaders of the respective areas where these concerts are always slated to be to always confirm with artists on whether they are coming or not,” Clever J warned.

The singer broke out while under Chameleone’s Leone Island Crew in the mid-2000s. His breakthrough hit was his Manzi wa nani song. It made him an overnight success and he rode high on it. He then pursued a solo career ditching Chameleone’s crew. Relative hits followed but soon he disappeared off the scene. Clever J attributed his woes to witchcraft from Dr Jose Chameleone. According to the singer, Chameleone was afraid of him taking his place and decided to foil his career.



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