Who is Evelyn Namulondo to Pastor Bugembe?


Local artist Evelyn Namulondo has made appearances in news columns for knowing a number of celebrities. Apparently, where one sees Rema Namakula, Evelyn is somewhere in the corner.

As the game rose, she also got a fair share of criticism but most of that has been rumor. Some of that had been spread over her probable romantic affairs with her male celebrity friends. One of those instances is the case of her closeness to pastor Wilson Bugembe. As she usually dispels such rumors, Evelyn has not been able to convince the media that their pair only sees each other as friends.


Pastor Bugembe continuously refers to her as just a good friend who will be very important at the forthcoming concert. He revealed that Namulondo will be choosing his fashion during the “Katonda W’abanaku Mw’eno Ensonga” concert. It will take place on 3rd June 2022 at Hotel Africana.

“Evelyn Namulondo is walking with me through this whole journey as she will also be my fashion designer at my concert. Every outfit you see me putting on will be from her. So, there’s nothing more going on apart from that we are all Banaku,” pastor Bugembe said.

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