Cindy Raves up Kasese in Tusker Lite Marathon After Party


Kasese’s Stanley Street came alive in vibrant neon colours, music and celebration to crown the second edition of the Tusker Lite Mt. Rwenzori Marathon on Saturday night.

Earlier in the day, over 2,000 runners had raced the tourism rich region, marvelling at the majestic Rwenzori Mountain ranges that provided a scenic backdrop. And at nightfall, the finishing point turned into a party zone with singer Cindy Sanyu as the headlining act.


Cindy proved her moniker, “The King Herself” as she had the fully packed street singing along to her chart-topping hits, which included “Boom Party,” “Onina”, “Fire”, “Run This City”, “Ayokyayokya” and more. Her powerful vocals, electrifying dancehall moves, and energy had everyone on their feet under the neon lights.

“Thank you everyone out here tonight. You are the reason I keep doing this. I’m thrilled to be here. I love the energy and I love the people of Kasese,” Cindy said as she drew the curtains on her performance.


The event also provided a platform to Kasese local entertainers to showcase their talents to the whole country as it was broadcast live on national TV. Good Hope was the stand out act as the crowd vibed to his music that had Afro Beat and
Lingala influences. Other local performers included DJ Trouble, Freddy Tinny, DJ Kevin and DJ Assasin.


One thing that was in abundance all night long was Tusker Lite, the marathon title sponsor. Revellers could be seen enjoying the refreshing taste of Tusker Lite, soaked in the excitement and dancing the night away. Emmy Hashakimana, the Marketing and Innovations Director at UBL spoke on Tusker Lite’s long-standing tradition of bringing unforgettable experiences to its consumers.

“Tusker Lite is known for bringing party-goers an incredible experience. Our consumers are vibrant, colourful and unafraid to embrace life to the fullest. And that is precisely the crowd that turned up at the afterparty,” he said.

“It was a fantastic night. This was the perfect moment for town folk, participants, guests, tourists and everyone to mix and have an unforgettable night,” he added.


As the event came to a close, the memories of the Tusker Lite Neon Street Rave will undoubtedly linger in the hearts and minds of all who attended. It was a night that elevated the spirit of Kasese town and served as a reminder that when people come together, memories are made.



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