Myko Ouma To Headline Inaugural World Of Sounds Edition At Kampala Serena Hotel


In the past, Uganda music industry encountered a significant challenge that’s the absence of a dedicated platform for genuinely showcasing the authentic talents of its artists’,devoid of constraints.

However, it seems that a solution to this enduring issue is now on the horizon with the launch of World of Sounds – a live music platform that will showcase diverse sounds, Talents and music elements with a focus on an immersion into alternative forms of creative arts and culture that we never get to see or consume in quantity on main stream events.

This annual music event that aims to provide quality and unique musical experiences, promote talent and creative entrepreneurs, will have various installment and each will unpack a specific genre, concept, talent or idea.

While sharing with, the celebrated producer, artists’ and event manager, Bushington, noted that this music event is a global platform that will enable musicians to showcase their talents authentically at the highest level without limitations. He continued enthusiastically to reveal that the inaugural edition is scheduled for the 6th of October at the prestigious Kampala Serena Hotel

Producer, Artist Manager and Event manager, Bushington

The momentous event will unfold with an electrifying performance by renowned Afro Jazz King, Myko Ouma who will teleport the good music lovers to the captivating world of Afro Jazz music and Fusion world – It’s an experience that will transcends boundaries and resonates deeply with the essence of African musical heritage, offering a feel that is both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary.

When asked about the selection of Jazz singer Myko Ouma as the headline performer for the inaugural installment, Bushington expressed that the singer and guitarist, is multi-talented with a background in Jazz and contemporary/world music with more than two decades of live music experience and production expertise to the stage. It was Ouma’s extensive body of work, profound musical insight, and undeniable talent that led to his choice. His unique performance style, which seamlessly blends traditional Ugandan rhythms and melodies with Western influences, has played a pivotal role in rejuvenating the Jazz music scene in Uganda.


‘The event is expected to deliver an unparalleled musical experience, appealing to both those seeking a soothing musical journey and those eager to dance and revel in the rhythms of the night.’, He concluded.



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