Chameleone advises Zzina Awards on which category they should nominate him in the Next years!


Singer Jose Chameleon was nominated in various categories in the Galaxy FM Zzina Awards 2022, kudos to him but that’s not the news. 

Zzina Awards 2018/19 | Here is the Full List of Nominees
The Zzina Awards

The news is that the Self proclaimed Ugandan music Doctor was both happy and unhappy with these nominations. Chameleone who was nominated in Best Afrobeat song category, Best Artist of the year and best fans team wasn’t impressed by these nods and he put his dissatisfaction in a social media post. In his rant, he appreciated the recognition but advised that he’s now too big an artist to be nominated in certain categories. He requested that next year they put younger artistes who fight very hard for such nominations, him and several other bigger artistes need better categories like Life Time achievement award. 

“I wish to bring in my concern as a General in this Celebrated Music industry. Please next time substitute my nominations to the artists that work hard to be part of the Zzina Awards. I don’t mean to say I don’t appreciate being part of it. But Iam sure soo many young artists need that space. I guess next year you will consider something like “Lifetime Achievement “ where many great artists like me belong” Chameleone posted.



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