King Saha maintains his Musical Kingship in “Sivaawo”


After taking a close to two-year musical break, King Saha is back with some good vibes and melodious music. This time round, the Kings Love Entertainment team head seems to have the bull by its horns musically with his first single release titled “Sivaawo”.

Sivaawo By King Saha | Free MP3 download on

Sivaawo is a love song just as many others that King Saha has done in the past. Its deep mature lyrics accompanied with his sweet voice with a touch and spice of great beats adds magic to the song that is already doing well on most music charts. The audio was produced by Uganda’s award winning producer Ronnie & the video was shot by Aaronaire pictures.

In the song, Saha tells of his desired lady that he cant get over her because she was uniquely crafted and created. He adds that its her who won him amongst all the rest that he sees and because of that, he’s filled with her love and their matters need negotiations to put right whatever is not right. While at it, King Saha reminds her of the fact that he’s a love professor before he asks her not to change that narrative by letting him put everything right, he promises not to move away while she’s still in his midst.

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One of the scenes from the Video – SIVAAWO

Since the King went on a musical break when COVID struck, he has maintained his position in the industry by remaining relevant, the big question however is HOW?. Being the King he is, Saha’s past music which is a collection of great hits kept making rounds on the airwaves. While at it, he received various bookings that saw him perform at Weddings and Introductions aswell as all Online shows that happened in the lockdown like the UG Hope concerts, the Club Beatz At Home among others with the recent one being the Tusker Malt Conversessions where his musical Kingship was proved further.

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Undoubtedly one of the finest vocalists in the land, King Saha real names Mansur Ssemanda is up and about in the currently very busy Ugandan music industry. With the entire economy being open today and the entertainment industry back to its feet with songs being released every now and then, King Saha is not ready to be left out and Sivaawo is that great music product to compete.



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