CHAMELEON: Don’t threaten me, I sing wherever I Want!


Jose Chameleon claims that he started receiving threats through his social media on account of performing on General Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s recent birthday. After having received an invitation, he did not turn it down, Chameleon put up a beautiful performance at the birthday celebrations but he did not stop there. He took five minutes to vent out his anger to all the NUP supporters as well as their leader Bobi Wine.

Watch video here ( Credit: Exclusive Bizz Instagram)

Chameleon mentioned that he had a right to choose where to sing and where not to sing because he is a grown man with choices. He also admitted that he is in terrible terms with Bobi Wine who denied him a NUP card as he was running from the Mayoral seat. Chameleon also went ahead to mention that he was not one to mix music with politics therefore he was free to sing for whoever he wanted to.

“I’m here to sing because of my friend Toyota. You all remember he gave me a Range Rover. Some of you were not happy. But I don’t care. I am here to sing because of Muhoozi. Tonyumiza Kamwokya Tumbavu! I make my choices. Some of you want to make decisions for me. I won’t accept that,” he bitterly said.

He mentioned that he was free to perform anywhere he felt like because his music is global and his fans can never disappoint him.

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“Why mix politics with music all time. I no longer care about what you say because I won’t contest again. That chapter ended and some people have been saying that I won’t sing in South Africa or any other places if I perform here at Muhoozi’s birthday, hmmm, no one can bully me. I will perform wherever I want,” he concluded.



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