Beenie Gunter Faces Along Detention In UAE Amidst Concert Clash Fallout.


Ugandan dancehall sensation Beenie Gunter, also known as Crescent Baguma, finds himself in an extended legal quagmire in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after a tumultuous altercation at one of his performances in Abu Dhabi led to his arrest during a visit to Dubai in January 2024.

The renowned artist, famous for his “Gun Talk” music label, was apprehended at the airport while en-route to Uganda via Dubai. The incident unfolded as a dispute over payments escalated into a violent clash between Beenie Gunter’s Dubai-based promoters and those in Abu Dhabi.

Although the ‘Gun Talk’ CEO was granted release on bail, he remains tethered by a travel ban preventing him from leaving the UAE. This measure was imposed following interventions by Uganda’s National Musicians Federation President, Eddy Kenzo, seeking to assist the artist.

Zack Maya Dubai, a spokesperson for Beenie Gunter, revealed that the artist’s departure from the UAE depends on the conclusion of the prolonged legal proceedings against him, a process anticipated to span over two years. Furthermore, authorities are reportedly scrutinizing additional individuals connected to the same altercation.

This incident sheds light on the intricate challenges faced by artists engaging in international performances, serving as a cautionary tale for musicians navigating the complexities of the global entertainment landscape.

As Beenie Gunter’s legal ordeal persists, the music community anxiously awaits further updates on the ongoing proceedings.



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